How To Download eMudhra Digital Signature on Mac

In order to download eMudhra Digital Signature in your DSC token on your Mac, You need to install ‘emBridge‘.

Procedures for the installation of ’emBridge’ 

Step 1:

Download the latest version of ‘emBridge‘.  
Link to download :
Step 2:

Open emBridge-vx.x.x.x.dmg – (here ‘x’ is version number)
Step 3:

Click on ‘emBridge.pkg
Step 4:

Click on “Continue” button

Step 5:

Select destination as “Install for all users of this computer”. “Continue” installation

Step 6:

Click on “Install” button
Step 6:

Complete installation by clicking on “Close” button

Important Note: Now, you need to install DSC token drivers, if token drivers are already installed then you can skip the procedure of “Installation of ePass2003/Auto Device Driver for Mac OS”

Installation of ePass2003/Auto Device Driver for Mac OS

Step 1:

Download the updated token drivers from the following link
Step 2:

Once Download is complete, extract the zip folder and you will find the ePass2003-India.dmg file. Select the file and open it by double click on it. 
Step 3:

Disk Image package of ePass2003-India having the list of content 

1. EnterSafeAdminMgr:- Manager Tool of Administrator version.

2. ePass2003-India-YYYYMMDD.pkg:- it will install EnterSafe middleware and manager.

3. License Agreement.

4. ReadMe.rtf:- Readme document.

5. Uninstall Castle Mac.
Execute the Package file by double-clicking on it, if installation starts then skip to Step 5.

If you get the message “Package is from an unidentified developer.” like below then continue with Step 4
Step 4:

Click on “Ok” and Launch System Preferences from the Apple Menu 

Select the “Security & Privacy” and go to “General” tab. Continue the installation by clicking on “Open Anyway” button, which is shown, in the next image. 
Click “System Preferences
Click on “Security & Privacy
Select “General Tab” and click on “Open Anyway” button
Click of “Open” button
Step 5:

As you click on “Open” button, the Installation of the ePass2003 token driver will start. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation as shown in the images below.
Click on “Continue
Click on “Continue
Click on “Continue
Click on “Agree” button
Click on “Install” button, it will ask for the admin username and password.
Enter admin “username” and “password

Click on “Close” button to complete the driver installation.

Now the installation of the token driver is completed.

Step 6:

You will find the token manager from the Launchpad in the Application with the Name “EnterSafeUserMgr”. Click on it to open it.

After opening the EnterSafeUserMgr it will look like this.

Step 7:

Connect the USB token in which you want to download the certificate. It will get detected in EnterSafe PKI Manager and its name will get displayed in Slot List.
Important Note: If the token is not detected, Please change the USB port and connect it to the different USB ports of your Mac.

Now you can continue downloading your digital signature in ePass2003/Auto Token.

Downloading of Digital Signature to ePass2003/Auto Token

Important Note:

  1. For Digital Signature certificates:
    • Class 2 and Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates download is allowed in USB Crypto Token only.
    • Do not close the browser or remove the token till the certificate is downloaded.
Step 1:

Before you proceed to download, please check if the ePass2003/Auto USB token in which you want to download the certificate is connected and detected in EnterSafe PKI Manager.
Step 2:

Important: Please check the “emBridge” service is in ‘Running’ status.
Step 3:

Visit/Open the following URL in Safari Browser to start downloading process
Step 4.
Now proceed to enter the digital certificate Application Number and Challenge Code sent by us to your mobile number registered with eMudhra. Please follow the instructions on the screen to complete the download.
Important Note: Once the download is completed, the message of completion will get displayed in the browser. Do not remove your token until you see this message.

Congratulations! You successfully downloaded the digital signature certificate in your token.

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