How to use Indian public procurement sites on mac

Recently I got a message from one of my youtube follower for help to use digital signature to register on On his request, I tried to register our company with the procurement site on mac. I faced many issues during the process. I am sharing my experience of the same in this blog.

In India, state and central governments procure by publishing tenders on eprocurement sites of respective states. Bidders register themselves on these procurement sites and bid for the tenders published by government agencies. The right bidder wins the tender and communicated to about the same by the agencies through these public procurement portals.

Unfortunately, technology used to develop these portals is not updated and most of these sites need the user of these sites to roll back to old technologies and platforms to use these sites.

Problem with procurement sites :

I visited most of the sites and found that most of them use Java Applets for registration of digital signature of new users etc.

The problem of JAVA APPLET is that from 2016 onward browsers on Mac OS DOES NOT support JAVA APPLET any longer due to extended security and other reasons.

Solution to the problem :

Unfortunately the only solution for the mac users of these public procurement sites is switching to windows for using these sites.

The solution to the problem of Mac OS users not being able to use websites that rely on Java Applets, such as those used for public procurement, is quite limited. Unfortunately, the only viable solution for Mac users who need to access these sites is to switch to a Windows-based system that still supports Java Applets.

While this may seem like an extreme measure, it is important to note that the use of Java Applets has significantly decreased in recent years, and many websites have moved to other methods of authentication and verification. However, for certain specialized applications, such as those related to public procurement, Java Applets may still be the primary means of digital signature registration.

Therefore, in the absence of any other practical solution, Mac OS users who require access to such sites may have to resort to using a Windows-based system. It is important to ensure that such a system is secure and up-to-date to minimize any potential security risks that may arise from using public networks to access these sites.

How to install windows on Mac:

There are two ways we can install windows on mac

  1. Using Boot Camp: The following link is useful for installing windows using boot camp. Please visit this link for step by step instructions on installation of windows on mac through boot camp.

2. Using Vmware software : The following link is useful for installing windows using Vmware. Please visit this link for step by step instructions on installation of windows on mac through vmware software.

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