How to create PDF Document on Apple Mac OS


This blog is about how to create a PDF document on Apple Mac OS. It is not similar to how we do it on Microsoft Windows. Easy PDF creation is an inbuilt feature in Mac OS, we do not need to install any software for using this feature. It is a very powerful and useful feature of Mac OS. You can learn how to create a PDF document from any application software on Apple Mac OS from this blog.

Follow the steps given in this blog to successfully create a PDF document with any application software on Apple Mac OS.



Open Application Software like Safari browser, Apple Pages, MS Word for Mac or MS Excel for Mac, etc.
Prepare your document as you wish it to be. Type in the content and format it as you want in your application software.
Once the document is complete and you want it to convert into a PDF document, go to File Menu—>Print, Alternatively you can press the “Command + P” buttons to open “System Print Dialog Box”.
Under Preview Thumbnail of the document on “System Print Dialog Box”, you can find a drop-down list menu as “PDF”. Click on it.

Select “Save as PDF” from the drop-down menu, It will ask you to enter name for the new PDF document. It will display the current document name by default, you can change it to any name you want and press “Save”. You can even change the folder it should be saved from here.
By clicking on the “Security Options” button on this dialog box, you can assign “Password” to your newly created PDF. If you assign a password for the PDF, it will only open if the correct password is entered by the user in the password dialog box which will appear as you try to open a password secured PDF document.

If you do not want to assign a password, it is fine. You can proceed without a password, most of the time we do not want to assign a password to PDF.
That’s it. A PDF document of your document is created and saved to the location of the folder you choose in the “Save As” dialog box. You can open that folder and find the PDF there.

Congratulations! Your PDF document is successfully created.

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