How to add your Digital Signature to Statutory Compliance Forms of MCA Portal on Apple Mac OS


This blog is about adding your digital signature to statutory compliance forms of Registrar of Companies (ROC), India on the MCA portal through Apple Mac. The procedure is not similar to how we do it on Microsoft Windows. Here, We have to use some tricks to add a digital signature to your statutory compliance forms through Abode Acrobat Reader. Follow the simple steps given below to successfully add a digital signature to your statutory compliance forms.



Computer/Laptop : Any MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 

Operating System : Mac OS version High Sierra or higher.


1. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (Version : 2020.009.20067 or Higher)
2. EnterSafe PKI Manager (Version 1.0 or Higher) 


1. ePass Auto2003 – Digital Signature Token issued by eMudhra.


Connect ePass Auto2003 to one of the USB ports of Mac. 
Start EnterSafe PKI Manager. Check if thedigital signature token is detected, if not, remove ePass Auto2003 token and connect it to the different USB port. If digital signature token gets detected then go to the next step.

STEP 3 :
Start Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Go to the File Menu of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Open “Statutory Compliance Form” to which signature is to be attached.

Note: Alternatively, you can right-click on the form and open it though Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Go to the bottom of the form, add CA/CS details who will certify the form in respective fields in the form and click on the “Check Form” button. If any message is prompted, resolve the issue shown in the message. Repeat this step until form checking is completed.
Click on the “digital signature field” provided in the form where you wish to add your digital signature. A dialog box will get displayed with digital signatures available on ePass Auto2003 token.
Select the Digital Signature you wish to add to the form. It will ask for an ePass Auto2003 token Password. Enter the correct Password and Click “Ok”
Adobe Acrobat Reader will prompt you to save a copy of the Signed Form. Change the name of the form to “<Form Name>_Signed” and click “Save”

Congratulations! Your Digital signature got successfully added to the Form. Now you can forward the form for certification to CA/CS.

Note : If you are CA/CS, do Pre-scrutiny by clicking on the “Prescrutiny” button before uploading it to the MCA portal. If the MCA portal shows the error of File Size Exceeding the limit, follow HOW TO SOLVE THE FILE SIZE EXCEEDING THE LIMIT ERROR OF STATUTORY COMPLIANCE FORMS  ON MCA PORTAL THROUGH APPLE MAC OS  blog to solve the issue.

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